Shetland Felted Wool Inner Cover

Great pasture here in the Northwest side of Redmond, Oregon!

 The idea for a wool cover (that would stay on the Canvas cover inside the hive all year long) was morphed from the Valhalla and Valkyrie Long Hives.  Using old blankets, folded sometimes four-layers thick, and based on current heat-loss research, it became clear that the bees gained a great advantage:  Voila! old blankets became a gorgeous Wool Inner Cover.

 Our Shetland covers (made of a single layer of wool), have themselves morphed into a three-layer mantle of re-purposed wool blanket, a thick-and-lofty inner layer of the well-loved Shetland wool, and an outer layer of long-lasting fabric.  The wool side is placed directly on top of the Canvas Cover (which is included with your Valkyrie Long Hive).  Why is this recommended?  Because the extra insulation helps the colony maintain optimum temperatures and humidity levels within the hive– all year long!  Stay tuned for pictures and pricing– coming soon!

“Effie” with her splendid, fluffy self!

“Lodestone”– such a handsome guy!

“Emilia” and her lambs– too cute!

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