“Valkyrie” proudly sporting the Powder Coat finish on the lid.


  1. Do you sell these and, if so, how much are they?

    • Hi Nick!

      Yes, we do sell the Valkyrie, please look on the Price Page on our website. You may use credit/debit on PayPal, or send a check to us.

      Sorry for the delay!!

      Sincerely, Vivien

  2. I catch swarms for people around Tahlequah, Oklahoma, so, I’m always coming up with bees needing a new home. I’m already on my 3rd swarm this year.

    I’ve never heard of a Valkyrie hive. It looks very intriguing. I currently use Langsworth hives. Your advertisement really caught my attention when I read the words, “The Valkyrie Long Hive is perfect for those who don’t like to lift bee boxes.”

    I’ve always thought that was a poor design, having to disassemble an entire hive just to check for mites, beetles, and other pests.

    My mailing address is:

    Dry Creek Farm
    9090 North Farm Lane
    Tahlequah, Oklahoma

    Could you send me a brochure or photos or something explaining the inner workings of the hives you sell?

    Or maybe, email me some information about how you load frames or harvest these hives? Or explain if they are top bar hives or just how they work?

    I’m really interested in learning a better way of doing things. I hate unstacking a four box configuration when all I need to do is check the bottom super for parasites.

    My email address is: heavyhitterokra@gmail.com

    Thank you for your time,
    Ron Cook, Director of Sustainable Living, at Dry Creek Farm.

    • Good Morning, Mr. Cook!

      Please accept my sincere apologies for the delay in answering your questions!! We’re in the process of re-designing our website, so I’ve missed more than one comment, as well as being in full production during the early Spring months.
      The Valkyrie is a “lift-and-go” type of system, if I may. You lift the lid, and go do what you like, ie hive inspections, feeding, removing queen cells or honey frames. There are 24 standard, deep frames when the Valkyrie is filled and each may be lifted individually for inspection or removal. The honey frames may be extracted using standard extractor practices.

      Each Valkyrie comes with a canvas cloth and the Triple-Layer Wool Blanket may be purchased separately.

      The “cross-over” process is very smooth in that NUC’s and packages are more easily installed with no heavy lifting, but there is a learning curve which seems to involve beekeeping that morphs away from a vertical mindset to a horizontal one. Some practices in Langstroths are sometimes found to be unnecessary in the Valkyrie, which is sort of a top bar system, but is more accurately a Long Hive system.

      Please feel free to contact me directly: 541 771-7278 or at vivienhight@ymail.com

      Have a great Saturday! Vivien

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