Please view the options carefully, call if you have questions, and thank you for your order!


“VALKYRIE” LONG HIVE  (includes Canvas Inner Cover)         $ 530.00

Roof Style

SHETLAND WOOL COVER- Single Layer        
The Shetland Single-layer Cover is no longer available.  


INSULATED HIVE STAND                                          $65.00

Stand Height Options

Eight-frame Bottom Boxes:     $  65.00

Ten-frame Bottom Boxes:     $  75.00

SHIPPING and HANDLING COSTS— We are glad to use UPS Ground for all of our “in flight” Valkyries.  Because the shipping prices differ so widely ($190-360.00) according to your location, please call for the Shipping/Handling quote and a draft invoice.  Our hives travel in environmentally sensitive packaging with all components (except the tape itself,) being fully compostable or recyclable.  Because we don’t use petroleum-based styrofoam, etc, the hives travel heavy– three boxes total in non-standard sizes. But truthfully: sometimes doing the right thing isn’t cheapest, don’t you agree?  Just call us, we’ll do the best we can for you and your colony!

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