There are those beekeepers who are committed to the Langstroth Hive and shall have no other.  Sounds great, but, would you allow us to make your life so much easier?? Gone is the need for a reducer to fuss with; gone also the need to use wires or nails to reduce the openings.  Your options at the top of your hive (for feeders, insulation boxes, etc) haven’t changed but please do check these out: double-click the pictures and gaze at the finest Bottom Boxes you’ll ever see.

Having said that, you may be the beekeeper who will still need to use your Langstroth hives until the Spring when you’ll switch over to the Valkyrie (right?).  You’re tired of using a reducer, and keeping away the marauders, and really: there must be an easier way to get a more accurate picture of the colony health!   Give yourself a break with our custom, hand-made bottom boxes.  Placing the entrance at the back which is adjustable– voila!  And, it helps keep the ladies calm.  The double drawers will help give a lot of information about colony health and the locking mechanism fools the predators.  Yep, till your Valkyrie “upgrade” arrives, try these beauties.


Back-end view where the entrance is located.

Each Bottom Board is equipped with both a screen and solid board.

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