“VALKYRIE” Long Hive







Our Valkyrie is built to last, really, and we offer a two-year warranty on the working lid and hinges.

Could it withstand an IED…?  Sort of looks that way, and that’s how Bruce builds them. But, let’s just say it can surely withstand your local weather conditions, ok?














                         The Valkyrie has lots of room for up to 24 STANDARD DEEP frames, even though you may choose to install eight, ten, or only 12 frames.  This also allows you to use the extra room to the right for storing tools, supplies, or installing a feeder on the INSIDE, safely away from skunks or rodents.  Our current Valkyrie sports only one bracket within the lid– makes placement of the frames easier.
These lid colors were chosen with the idea that they should blend in with just about any landscape.  Once you’ve added your own paint or finish (please remember: within a week of delivery is best), these lids will remain very pleasing to the eye.

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